Parishioners wishing to volunteer services are encouraged to donate their time and energy to helping the mission of Our Lady of Mercy.  The following are areas of service that welcome your commitment:

Altar Angels

The beauty of our church depends on the energy of many people who prepare the environment for prayerful worship. These volunteers keep the church and church linens in tip-top condition.  Cleaning of the altar and church is done weekly on Friday after the last Mass.

Contact the Rectory:  718-268-6143


Family Table

In order to serve the families who need food each week, volunteers are needed to empty the food bins and sort donations into our available storage space.  Volunteers also pack bags of food for each need family on a weekly basis.  During holiday times, volunteers prepare the boxes of food that are picked up by local families.

 Contact:  718-268-6143

Nursing Home

Volunteers go to the local nursing home to assist in the afternoon prayer service on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. at Yellowstone Care Center.  They assist by wheeling patients to the prayer space, helping with immediate needs, engaging patients in conversation and assisting as Eucharistic Ministers.  Once a month a priest provides Mass for the patients.

Contact:  718-268-6143


Religious Formation

A variety of volunteer positions help our children’s program run smoothly.  Volunteers are needed to prepare materials for the children each week, work as aides in classes with the younger children, and serve as catechists for the various classes. Volunteers are also sometimes needed to work with children with special needs or to tutor students who have gaps in their religious background.

 Contact:  718-268-6143