Religious Education

Office of Religious Education

Mailing Address:  70-01 Kessel Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375
Office Address:     70-02 Juno Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375
………………………………(Side Entrance of the Convent)
Telephone:            (718) 268-6143 EXT. 28


Our Religious Education Program provides spiritual formation for Grades 1-8 children and adolescents in our parish who do not attend Catholic School.

The students will participate in the family centered formation of Sadlier’s Christ In Us program, which consists of in person sessions with catechists, independent work at home under the guidance of parents, and online submission of assignments. Parents accompany their children to mass and retreats throughout the academic year.

The objectives of the Christ In Us program are to foster a learning environment which promotes the three dimensions of contemporary evangelization:

  • An encounter with Christ,
  • The art of accompaniment, and
  • The witness of missionary disciples.

The study units present a spiral curriculum geared towards cultivating knowledge of our Catholic beliefs and liturgical year, identification with the saints as partners in faith, the development of prayer life and a conscious participation in Mass.

Registration can be completed, during the months of June and July for the next academic year, via a fillable PDF registration form available on our website which can be submitted through the email to OR mailed c/o Ana Tavares, DFF to 70-01 Kessel Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375. The registration fees are listed in the registration form. A discount in registration fee will be provided to families registering before July 31st for the next academic year. Proof of Baptism must be provided at the time of registration. Sacramental fees are due upon request. Students who transfer into our program are asked to have copies of their Religious Education files sent from their previous church to our office address listed above.

Click here to download the Registration Form: 2023-2024 OLM ORE Registration Form

Please email or call to arrange communicating and meeting with Ana Tavares, Director of Faith Formation.

Sacramental Preparation

The sacraments are gifts from God to be shared and celebrated within the parish community. All our sacramental programs are designed to celebrate and welcome new members to our community. Prayerful
attention to growth in faith and catechesis precedes the decision to receive a sacrament. The parish provides programs for preparation for the following sacraments:

First Communion and Reconciliation
The preparation for this sacrament is a two-year process which begins in Grade 1 and continues to the end of the catechetical year of Grade 2 and culminates with the celebration of First Communion in May of the second year. Proof of Baptism must be provided at the time of registration. Older children can also prepare for such sacraments and their preparation requires two years of religious education.

Children are prepared to make their first Confession during a prayer service usually held the first Saturday in March of their second year of preparation. Parents are responsible for accompanying their children to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Generally, unless there is a serious reason, children receive this sacrament  before making First Communion.

The Sacrament of Confirmation also requires two years of religious study, usually beginning in Grade Six and continuing through Grade Seven. In accordance with the Bishop’s schedule, the celebration of this sacrament is generally held in the Fall of Grade 8. Proof of Baptism and First Communion must be provided at the time of registration.

Confirmation preparation includes opportunities for a retreat, community service, prayer experiences and the opportunity to receive Reconciliation on several occasions. An interview with one of our Priests to attest to the readiness of the candidate is part of the preparation process. Sponsors are also required to provide proof of the reception of their sacraments.

Students with Special Needs

Our Religious Education program affords every opportunity to accompany and catechize the children and youth with special needs of our parish. The Christ In Us curriculum is designed with features to adopt its  lessons for the inclusion of special needs students.

Special arrangements such as individual tutoring can be provided for students with special needs. Parents are welcome to contact the Religious Education Office as soon as possible to make any special arrangements.


Adults, who did not receive the sacrament of Confirmation, can also receive faith formation. Classes of basic theological review are arranged prior to the reception of the sacrament. By special arrangement, the Pastor is permitted to confer this sacrament on Pentecost Sunday.

Adults, who are baptized, have already received Communion, and desire to prepare for Confirmation, are invited to contact the Deacon Dean Dobbins at (718) 268-6143 Ext. 14 or via email ( Documentation of Baptism and First Communion must be provided to the Church when RCIA classes begin. Classes will meet at the assigned day and time in the Rectory.