What is automated giving?
Automated giving is an arrangement that allows a donor to make a donation in a predetermined amount to a specific charity. Automated giving donors use either a bank account or credit card to make donations. Automated giving is similar in concept to direct payment programs offered by utility and credit card companies.
Why is automated giving good for OLM?
One of the major financial challenges facing OLM, and all churches, is fluctuation in the amount of weekly contributions. A significant factor in such weekly fluctuations is parishioner non-attendance at Sunday Mass for various reasons, especially during the summer. Automated giving will help to decrease fluctuations in the amount of weekly contributions, provide more consistency in revenue, and facilitate better financial planning. Use of automated giving also creates a better audit trail and reduces security concerns associated with the handling of cash.
Why is automated giving good for OLM parishioners?
Automated giving is convenient. It allows parishioners to stop writing checks each week. Parishioners can budget for their church contributions in the same way that they budget for other financial commitments. It also helps parishioners to meet their stewardship obligation to OLM by encouraging reflective giving. To help with tax preparation, parishioners may download or request an annual statement of donations each January for the prior year.
Who is ParishPay?
ParishPay is the largest automated giving services company in the country. ParishPay primarily serves Roman Catholic churches and schools and is endorsed by the Diocese of Brooklyn. The company currently serves over 2000 churches nationwide. In addition to offering automated giving services, ParishPay also offers a tuition management program. This program was implemented by OLM School in September 2006 and has been functioning well. Additional information about ParishPay is available online at
How does ParishPay work?
The program is completely voluntary. Parishioners decide how much they would like to donate on a monthly basis for regular church contributions. To keep costs low, a weekly donation option is not available. Parishioners also decide whether to participate in, and how much they would like to donate to, special second collections (i.e. Missions, Retired Clergy, Air Conditioning, etc.). Parishioners specify either a bank account from which donations will be deducted or a credit card to which donations will be charged. Donation transactions occur once a month on the fifth of the month (or the next business day if the fifth falls on a weekend or a holiday).
How do I sign up for ParishPay?
Parishioners may sign up by enrolling directly online, phoning ParishPay toll-free, or completing and returning the enrollment form to the Rectory Office.
How do I sign up for ParishPay online?
Online sign up is simple and takes about five minutes. You can access the ParishPay website through a link on the Our Lady of Mercy website at You can also access the ParishPay website directly at Once you access the ParishPay website, just follow the prompts. Online enrollment requires an e-mail address and is acknowledged by e-mail. Online enrollees also receive monthly e-mail reminders that donations will be deducted.
How do I sign up for ParishPay by phone?
Call ParishPay toll-free at 1-866-PARISH-i.
How do I sign up for ParishPay using an enrollment form?
Complete and return the ParishPay enrollment form to the Rectory Office. For security purposes, enrollment forms should not be placed in the collection basket. Forms should be mailed or returned directly to the Rectory Office in an envelope marked “Attn: ParishPay Enrollment.”
Can I get personal help in signing up?
Yes. Parishioners wishing to receive personal help with enrollment may contact the Rectory Office.
What information will I need to sign up?
Other than your name and address, you must supply a bank account number or credit card information. If you are using a bank account, you must also supply a nine digit routing number (found at the bottom of your check preceding the bank account number).
How much does ParishPay cost?
There is no cost to use the ParishPay program.
What bank accounts are acceptable?
Any account at a United States Bank.
What credit cards are acceptable?
American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.
Is there a minimum donation amount?
The minimum donation is $10 per month.
What if I want to change or stop my contribution?
Future contributions may be changed or stopped at any time by making the changes directly on the ParishPay website, calling ParishPay toll-free at 1-866-PARISH-I or contacting the Rectory Office.
What about privacy?
ParishPay does not disclose bank account or credit card information to anyone except as required by law.  ParishPay will disclose donor information and donation amounts to OLM unless the “anonymous donation” online option is used.  ParishPay does not disclose information under any other circumstances.
What about data safety?
Parish Pay uses the same encryption technology as the United States government and is at least as safe as most banks.
If I sign up for ParishPay, what do I do when collections are taken at Mass?
Relax. You have already made your contribution through ParishPay and there is no need to put anything in the collection basket. To the extent that you may wish to do so, you can either put in your church envelope with the designation that the contribution is being made through ParishPay or an offertory collection slip that can be downloaded from the Parish Pay website.
Any questions not addressed here?
Please call the Rectory Office at 718-268-6143, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM for assistance.