Our Lady of Mercy, Forest Hills

 Happy Easter!

He is Risen,  Alleluia!




Mother Nature is definitely confused!  This is Spring!? Nevertheless, we are well underway in our endeavors for the Spring Fling on the evening of May 11th and all day May 12th.  There is one hiccup that remains.  It has made Grannie (or Gramps) quite nervous…  We have no one to help with Grannie’s Attic Treasures.  If no one (even a group of people) steps forward to set up and organize the treasures that come in, we may not be able to help poor Grannie or Gramps out.  All those treasures will not be a part of the Spring Fling.  Whatever monies come in from the sales of these treasures is free and clear.

Keep in mind that this is the only big fundraiser that is held.  All the monies that come in are used for our parish.  As in your own household, there are bills and repairs that are always to be attended to.  Our collections alone do not cover all the expenses. 

Grannie’s Attic is not the only place we could use help.  Consider helping with decorating, do the New Gifts table or just generally helping out for a few hours.  Any and all help is welcomed. Please call the rectory or email (address is on the front of the bulletin) and let us know how you are willing to help.

Where is everyone????  Come have some fun, meet new people or say hello to old friends.  Many hands make light work.